Faruk Sabanovic is Bosnian and lives in Sarajevo.  After the Yugoslav War, he founded a humanitarian organisation, the Centre for Self-Reliance, dedicated to the rights of disabled people in Bosnia.  He campaigned for better rights through curating public events and making TV commercials and short films.  One of these films (IT IS HARD TO TOUCH THE REAL) won the Grand Prix at the International Advertising Festival, Magdalena (Slovenia) and another (EVERY DAY BEFORE SCHOOL) was funded by Film Four and Dazed & Confused and broadcast as part of Film Four's Stop For A Minute strand (2003).  Faruk also won a Freedom Award from the International Peace Center for this work.

Faruk went on to study Fine Art in Sarajevo.  His art work has been exhibited internationally and his music videos have won prizes including First Prize at the National Music Festival, Davorin (Bosnia).

Faruk wrote the story and art directed SNOW, an animated film directed by Aida Begic, that won Grand Prix at Critic's Week, Cannes, 2008. 

In 2007 Faruk began to develop a feature animation BIRDS LIKE US, inspired by a Persian book of poetry from the 11th century.  This is the first Bosnian 3D animation feature and Faruk has founded an animation school to gather together and train talent to work on this project.  He plans to deliver the film in 2012.