Ciné Institute is Haiti's only film school.

'The grant from the Katrin Cartlidge Foundation has enabled Haiti's new generation of filmmakers to begin realizing their dreams.We are using this cherished funding to finance two films. In so doing, together we are bringing the hard work of our students to life and sharing their stories with the world.'

In a nation where only one percent of high school graduates can afford university and plagued with an unemployment rate of 70%, Ciné Institute offers free, university level training in film and television production and cinema studies. Their work in the region is giving birth to a new, modern film industry and media related employment opportunities


Ciné Institute strives to support a country filled with passion, history, and a rich culture. The school continues to nurture the country's young talent and give them access to the tools they need to develop their creative potential. 

The school's programs include a film school and a graduate employment center that produces media projects of all kinds for local and international markets. The students are fully equipped to become economically and professionally successful.