Hala Lotfy is an Egyptian filmmaker who studied economics and political science, graduating from Cairo University, Hala then studied filmmaking at the Cairo Film Institute, where she made 4 documentaries and 2 short fiction films, before graduating with honors in 1999.

After graduation she made three documentaries independently between 2001 to 2004 and in 2005 progressed to her first feature documentary ”'ON FEELING COLD” which received the Special Jury prize at the National Film Festival in Egypt, the Golden Hawke at the Rotterdam Arabic Film Festival 2005, and won the Best Composition ( screenplay) prize from Biong Yang IFF in 2006. It was also the subject of a master's study in the American University in Cairo. Hala then went on to work with Al-Jazeera’s documentary channel making seven T.V documentaries in a series called "Arabs of Latin America". After she came back to Egypt, she voluntarily collaborated with a civil rights organization against corruption, making a documentary about selling the assets of the country to the Saudis. In 2007 she began writing her feature debut "The Stroke", a totally independent film which she personally financed with the help of a small grant. The project was put on hold for a while but was resumed after the revolution in 2011. It's now in the post-production stage.